What are shearling coats?

How many times do you look at a product label and wonder what it's made of and how? We have all asked ourselves this question and at TuscanTailor we want to give you answers.

what are shearling coats?

What are shearling coats?

Simple, let's start with the definition shearling (or sheepskin) first. The material we call shearling (or sheepskin)  is nothing more than ordinary leather skin left with its natural wool. The shearling skins have soft wool on side and finished with a smooth suede or supple Nappa on the other.

P.S. We as TuscanTailor work hard to leave a better world. We are very attentive to the well-being of the animal, and we would like to unline that the shearling (or sheepskin) is a by-product of the food chain. No animal has been farmed for the fashion industry. Also, we want to emphasize that Shearling is not fur, and we have never used it and never we will.


Not all shearling skins are the same.

With our collaborators, we select only types of shearling skins that have grown in the northeast and coolest Alpine mountain. This is the reason why our high-quality shearling (or sheepskins) wool is incredibly thick, soft and light.

The softness and warmth that you deserve.

The shearling (oe skeepskin) is perfect for create lightness and warmer shearling coats. They offer excellent protection against coolest winters. It is one of nature's greatest sources of insulation. Its soft wool fibers are naturally thermostatic, that can remove humidity and providing handed protecting all day long. You can wear them from autumn until spring.

Will protect you for a windy and rainy day.

Our Shearling Jackets & Coats  are naturally water-resistant and wind-proof, keeping and maintaining your body temperature to the level on comfort always warm and dry during your day. Its soft wool fibers are naturally thermostatic. Removing humidity and giving a comfortable temperature all day long.  

-Our shearling coat will last longer than any fashion trend. This is why we consider them the perfect investment.-

shearling coats

Made to Last.

Don't be intimidated by the lightness of our Shearling Coats and Jackets. Contrary to what you might think, they are incredibly resistant. With some little forethought and care, our shearling outerwear will last longer than any fashion trend. This is why we consider them the perfect investment. It will stand the test of time.