Where the magic happens.

From a small artisanal workshop in Tuscan hills to you.

100% Made in Italy
Every single step is done by our craftsmen under one roof

Made-to-Order, in Italy

TuscanTailor is a destination for those looking for a timeless, highly handcrafted and custom size outerwear. We believe that the choices we make regarding what we wear, where it comes from and how it is made have a direct and powerful impact on the well-being of individuals, communities and the environment.

-We want to connect people with real Italian Craftsmanship, protecting it for future generation.-


We protect Real Artisant Craftmanship.

We feel a great sense of responsibility and pride in protecting true Italian craftsmanship, which is why we decided to open the doors of our workshop in the hills of Tuscany. We would like to give the opportunity to everyone to wear our clothes and be able to pass them down from mother to daughter. This pushes us to make only products that last over time and that have a positive impact on the people who wear them.

Directly to you.

Directly to you from our artisanal workshop to your home. This helps us to preserve and carry on the Italian knowledge that has been handed down for generations and to safeguarding it over time. This allows us to have very high quality products at an affordable price and provide you.

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