Your Custom Size

You Deserve the Best. Your Perfect Fit.

You are unique, why shouldn't your size be?

What we believe in

We believe in a company that cares about you and your fit. This is why we decided to adjust the lenght of your standard size to make you feel comfortable. We do not want you to settle for fashion that does not satisfy your dreams. We want to celebrate diversity and uniqueness. Standard size do not always fit perfectly. We are each unique in shape, age, height, weight and dreams. We are absolutly individuals. So why do se wear standard sizes? We refuse to unite with the fashion standard. We do things differently because we start from you and we find your fit. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable in your clothes. This is what you deserve!

My story

-When I worked for luxury fashion brands, I used to make my personal outerwear. Realizing that my standard size was too short for me, I had to always lengthening it to fit me perfectly. This was the only way I could truly feel comfortable. So I thought that everyone deserved to have the same opportunity as me. This is why we created TuscanTailor.


Our Length Custom Size

Choose your favoritepieces. Select your size, you can help you with the size chart, and after select your height. Your size will be worked out by our tailors who will make your perfect outerwear. You will feel like you are in a dressing room at home.


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